how covid-19 is affecting my mission

On March 13th, 2020, I went to school like any other day.  Only to find out from my principal at lunch that our school was closing due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  We didn’t know it then, but schools throughout the country would close and not re-open for the rest of the school year.

At first, my classmates and I were psyched to stay home.  But eLearning was crazy and challenging, and I missed my friends and teachers so much after months and months of quarantine.  Unfortunatley, we weren’t alone… the education of children all round the world was impacted by the coronavirus.

So how has the coronavirus pandemic affected the existing 527 schools built by Pencils of Promise?  As schools and offices in Ghana, Guatemala, and Laos closed mid-March, the PoP teams sprung to action and put together a plan to continue supporting students and teachers throughout this time.  A Covid-19 response team facilitated communications to teachers and students, radio broadcasts of educational lessons, and built extra wash stations.  You can read more about their 3 phase response, recovery, and preparedness plan by clicking here.

The PoP staff is working to ensure Covid-19 does not prevent a students’ ability to receive access to quality education.  Our mission remains the same, which has led teams to think through how to empower communities to provide quality education both during and after this pandemic.

I’m so eager to return to school in August.  With help and prayers hopefully children throughout the world can return to safe schools soon, too.

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